Welcome James!

Posted on 15th March 2024

Welcome to Toolkit James!


Toolkit: What motivated you to start a career in web development and support?

James: I’ve always been interested in technology and development, after exploring a career in development I fell in love with web development! Also, I've always loved customer service and support, this made me really keen to work at Toolkit because of the amazing support they provide to their clients.

Toolkit: Can you share a bit about your background in web development and support, what excites you most about joining our team?

James: I’ve worked on multiple personal projects with senior members within the industry already to hone my skills. The most exciting part for joining Toolkit for me is the prospect of not only getting stuck in with web development but also providing amazing support to our clients with my 10 years of experience in customer service!

Toolkit: In what ways do you see yourself contributing to the overall success of our Toolkit team?

James: The beauty of me working within Support and Development with Toolkit is that I can be on the front lines supporting our clients directly with any questions they may have while also supporting the development team creating amazing bespoke websites at the same time.

Toolkit: How do you plan to stay motivated and challenge yourself as you progress with us?

James: Providing great customer support and seeing the changes I make in real time to delight our clients is what motivates and challenges me. Knowing that I'm representing Toolkit with every interactions motivates me to give it 100%!

Toolkit: What have you enjoyed most about your time at Toolkit so far?

James: The entire team at Toolkit have been so welcoming, I already feel like a part of the team and they've all played a key part in helping me settle into my new role.

Toolkit: How do you envision your role contributing to the company's mission?

James: Always putting the client at the heart of the conversation and ensuring that their needs come first is just one part of the key goals of Toolkit and the step I take is ensuring every client feels heard and understood with their requests.

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