Mail Client vs Webmail: Which should you choose?

Posted on 12th January 2021

What is a Mail Client?

Email Clients are pieces of software designed to configure and manage multiple email accounts all in the same place. Mail Clients allow you to have your Microsoft or Gmail inboxes alongside your business/professional mailboxes. The software is downloaded onto your computer.

a) Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free Desktop only Mail Client, which can be downloaded via: . This is the only Mail Client we directly support as we use it every day ourselves in our offices.

Thunderbird is super easy to use and is highly User-Friendly. Its auto-configure tool means you don't have to manually setup your Toolkit Mailboxes in Thunderbird.

b) Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is included by default on the Windows Operating System. Outlook also has a mobile app.

c) Apple Mail

Apple Mail is included by default on Apple computers, however, has not been updated in some time so we always recommend using Mozilla Thunderbird.

What is Webmail?

A webmail is a website you access through your internet browser which allows you to login to your mailbox.

Toolkit Websites provides an email service that is accessible via the web through its webmail service and can be accessed here: . Toolkit Webmail is accessible at any time and from any device. Unlike a Mail Client, Webmail does not have to be installed on your computer. You also cannot manage multiple mailboxes when logged into one account.

So which is better?

Both options have their own pros and cons, so the answer to 'which is better?' lies with the user.

If you have multiple mailboxes you'd like to manage in one place, then a Mail Client is best for you.

If you always access your mailbox from different computers, then using Webmail is more advantageous than setting up your account in multiple mail clients across multiple devices.

Call our Support Team on 02380 633 644 if you're not sure how best to access your Toolkit Emails - we'd be more than happy to help!

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