Trading Standards Approved & 5-Star Rated

The Buy With Confidence scheme was set up by Hampshire Trading Standards to recognise companies that have given their commitment to trading fairly. Membership of the scheme is not given lightly - businesses are required to be audited by Trading Standards, they will also have their complaints history reviewed and will receive a visit from Trading Standards.

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TrustPilot Independent Reviews - 9.9/10

Trustpilot is an open, community-based platform for sharing real reviews of shopping experiences online. They believe that authentic reviews from actual customers are the best reflection of a company's service, and encourage companies to let their customers review them. Together with their community, they work hard to ensure that reviews are accurate.

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WWDC Independent Reviews - 4.9/5.0

Which Web Design Company: An independent website for client reviews. Browse company profiles, read reviews and make an informed choice about who to work with. All companies are listed in search results by their WWDC Rank score so you can rely on the companies that are at the top of the search results.

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Google Independent Reviews - 4.6/5.0

Google+: A well-known and established review platform. We have numerous 5 star ratings on Google from our happy clients throughout the UK, for our impressive website design services.

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Approved Index - 5-Star Rated Supplier

Toolkit Websites are proud to be one of only a handful of 5-star rated suppliers by Approved Index, who are one of the UK's leading companies for connecting small businesses with Web Design suppliers and many other services.

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Toolkit Client Publication Reviews

Reviews from our clients at the point of publication of their website. Over the past few years we've averaged over 4.5 out 5.0 from over 2,000 clients, all across the UK!

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