The benefits of a website redesign

Posted on 17th July 2017

A complete website redesign or overhaul comes when you feel that your current website no longer meets your company objectives. Getting your website redesigned has a number of advantages and benefits to your company that are too good an opportunity to miss out on.

We asked the question in a previous blog post: How often should you redesign your website? The points we discussed in that post are still valid today and we think it's important to highlight what a redesign could do for your company website.

What reasons are there for getting a redesign?

1. If the website is not generating enquiries or interest
2. Your bounce rate might be high
3. Your website design may be outdated
4. Your website might not be mobile friendly
5. Your website may be too text heavy
6. Your website many not have enough good quality, relevant content
7. Your website might not have enough call to actions
8. You might not have utilised social media feeds to keep connected to your customers/clients

The list is endless. Most of these items you can monitor using Google Analytics. It'll tell you what pages of your website are viewed the most and least, what keywords or phrases are used to find your website, how long someone spends on your site on average and much more.

Is a full redesign necessary?


You might not want to embark on an entire redesign for your website, you can choose to change and tweak certain things over time. You can speak to us about any tweaks or changes you had in mind and we can quote accordingly. A full redesign could give you the opportunity to make larger changes such as revamping branding, changing images and changing the layouts of your website pages/ content.

Either way you do it, it's really positive for your search engine optimisation to constantly update and refresh your website design as well as the content.

You can take a look at our redesign portfolio, where clients of ours have come back to us to have their website revamped. Whether you are looking for a fresh look, a new logo design, a restructuring of your site map or updating of your images and copy... look no further.


A Case Study


Wild Thing Paleo came to us for a redesign to update the branding, simplify and modernise the design and streamline the content on the website. Here is how the site looked before the redesign:

At the time, this design is exactly what the client needed to represent their brand. It was modern, vibrant, colourful and had brilliant visual imagery.

As time goes on, design trends and styles change. The client came back to us to get their website redesigned to keep up with current web design trends and also to simplify and refresh the pages and content. This included using the new logo branding and incorporating new imagery of the products. The website was also created on our responsive platform meaning that the website is fully mobile-friendly and passes Google's mobile-friendly test.

Each of the pages were updated to match the new home page design so that they look consistent. The social media links were utilised, more visual imagery added throughout, hover over effects and clear and concise wording.

You can also improve your website loading speed to make sure that people are not left waiting when they access your website. Google have a set of guidelines on how you can make sure that your website loads in 5 seconds or less meaning that people have swift and easy access to your website and can begin browsing right away.

If you'd like to discuss a website redesign project, simply get in touch with us today.

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