Google Business Websites Are Shutting Down!

Posted on 16th January 2024

Attention Google Business Website Owners.

Author - David Swan, Chief Operating Officer - Toolkit Websites. David has been in Web Design since 2009, and working at Toolkit Websites since 2012, with a background in client services & domain & email management, David now runs the day to day operations here at Toolkit Websites.

*All Google Business Profile websites are going offline in March 2024*

Once this happens, Google will temporarily redirect any visitors to that company's Google Business Profile, but this will also stop on June 10, 2024.

This gives Google Business Website customers have just 6 weeks to get a new website built and published to avoid any down time or loss of customer traffic.

See Google's announcement here:

As of June 11th, visitors will get a “page not found” error when attempting to visit a Google Business Website, which will then ultimately lead to Google kicking all those, now deleted websites, out of it's rankings & search results pages.

How Can Toolkit Websites Help?

Google Business sites are very simple designs, so we're offering all Google Business Website owners a FREE migration on to our platform, with just a £25+vat a month subscription to host and support the website moving forwards.

Our Chichester team are here to assist you in the migration, and can also set up a professional email service if you haven't already got one on your domain.

Contact us today via:

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