Toolkit Rebrand!

Posted on 1st November 2017

This year marks an exciting time in the history of Toolkit Websites, with the launch of Toolkit v5, a complete redesign of our Support site and a full rebrand of our company logo.

Our new logo is beautifully simple, with a contemporary design. The design was created using a well-known font combined with bespoke 'K', based on the opening bracket of an HTML element, which links in perfectly with the foundation of our business - code.


History of logo designs

Since our humble beginnings in the late 90's under the name Green Design, we've grown to be one of the best small business web design companies in the UK. Our branding has also evolved over the years, from a simple Green Design graphic to the more recent evolution of cogs representing Toolkit Websites.

We started developing The ToolkitCMS over 18 years ago. Since it's original creation, it has evolved to become one of the most flexible and secure CMS platforms in the market. Our constant strive to innovate has led us to where we are today.

We've just launched our latest version of the Toolkit, a brilliantly simple, secure and powerful content management system - Toolkit v5. Without it, we'd be just another web designer in an over-crowded market.

We are Toolkit.


Marcus Green sets up Green Design whilst studying at Southampton University. Soon our client based grows to 3 high-demand sailing clients and a rudimentary version of The Toolkitis born.

The company starts to grow and attract more local businesses, making the demand for a user-friendly CMS even more apparent. The vision for The Toolkitbegins to evolve and further investment ramps up development.

The Toolkit is now being used by hundreds of small businesses across the UK, who easily manage their own websites, designed by Green Design. The logo is redesigned to include a cog, emphasising the key selling point - The ToolkitCMS.

Continued growth and success within the small business sector helps even more investment into the Toolkit. Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high and customer referrals start flooding in.

With The Toolkitbeing such a huge success, the decision is made to change the company name to Toolkit Websites, promoting the foundation of all our websites. New features are being added every month and The Toolkitstarts to evolve.

The Toolkit undergoes a redesign and as design trends also start to change, The ToolkitWebsites logo adopts a flat design. Passionate customer service is a key focus and reviews start to accumulate across multiple sites.

With the launch of Toolkit v5 and typography trending more than ever before, we proudly introduce our latest and most impressive logo to date. It's who we are and where we came from, we are Toolkit.

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