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Posted on 22nd February 2024

A look back at Evan's time here at Toolkit Websites.


Toolkit: What's one skill you've learnt during your time here that you never expected to learn?

Evan: Creativity & Design. My strong points, especially in school, have always been practical subjects such as maths and Computer Science, rather than creative subjects such as Art. However, during my time at Toolkit I have considerably improved my design and creativity, and I have created many websites that I'm happy with. My favourite is Gray & Joyce

Toolkit: If you could sum up your experience at Toolkit Websites in one word, what would it be?

Evan: Enlightening. Working at Toolkit has taught me so much about website development, domains, emails, SEO and many more topics that can assist me in the industry.

Toolkit: Share a funny or memorable moment with the team that you'll always cherish.

Evan: One time on the phone with a client, I accidentally said "Worst come worst serve" on the phone instead of "Worst case scenario". The team still won't let me forget!

Toolkit: What are the most unexpected lessons/skills you've learned during your apprenticeship?

Evan: The most unexpected lessons and skills that I have acquired during my time here are:

Confidence & Communication - The first half of my apprenticeship was spent in a support role in the business before I transferred over to development. Speaking to many clients via phone, email and in person allowed me to grow my confidence in the professional world, and it was lovely to meet/speak to everyone that I did!

Maturity - I started my apprenticeship at Toolkit at just 17 years old! Now I am a full-time staff member, I have grown a lot of maturity since I've been here.

Toolkit: If you could pass on some words of wisdom to our new employee James, what would it be?

Evan: My advice would be to be yourself, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and try your hardest to improve every day!

Toolkit: Which office tradition or inside joke will you miss the most?

Evan: The office tradition I will miss the most is Fast Food Friday. Every so often, we will order food from a restaurant and have a team lunch where we all catch up and chat whilst we eat. 

The inside joke that I will miss the most is "Emails". Once, Emily was called Emails due to a typo in an email. The name has stuck ever since!

Toolkit: If you could describe your journey with Toolkit Websites using only movie titles, which titles would you choose?

Evan: Definitely "Rocky", because it's been a very rocky journey. I have made many mistakes, but took the punches and learnt from each one along the way :)

Toolkit: Share a moment when you felt like you were part of a winning team.

Evan: During my time at Toolkit, we were tasked with a massive project to redesign over 50 tyre websites, and the day that we finally published 50+ Protyre Websites at once really made me feel like we were winners.

Toolkit: If you could give an award to each member of the team, what would their award be and why?

Evan: Winnie - Best food scavenger, Will - Best Javascript, Zoe - Best Banter, Rhys - Best vibes, Emily - Most helpful, Andy - Best hot drinks, Dave - Best Manager Award. Marcus - Best DJ.

I would also award Rhys and Emily with the most cluttered desk awards :)

Toolkit: Lastly, what places will you be visiting when you go travelling?

Evan: I am travelling to South East Asia for around 4 months. The countries I will be visiting will most likely be Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. 

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