10 Years of Andy!

Posted on 14th July 2021

Celebrating Andy's 10th year with Toolkit Websites.

As of today, Senior Project Manager Andy has been with Toolkit Websites for a whole 10 years!

All the way back in 2011, a fresh faced Andy walked through our office doors at Carlton Crescent ready to start his role as a Toolkit Websites Project Manager.

We're very lucky to have had Andy on our Team for so long and it's been great to speak with Andy about the last 10 years from his point of view.

2011 -> 2021

What's been the best part about working for Toolkit Websites?

"For me, the best part is publishing websites that our clients really love. The site is something that the client and I have worked together to build and as well as being important for their business, for a lot of people, their website is personal to them. 

To create something that does everything it needs to and looks great as well  makes the job really satisfying . I enjoy the challenge of working with different businesses all year round, learning about all sorts of industries from trades to tourism!"

What have you learned from your time at Toolkit?

"A lot! Working in web design I'm always picking up new skills. Things move so fast there's always so much more to learn, from better ways of doing things to discovering completely new, cool features we can add to websites.

As well as technical skills I've learned a lot about working with with people, both team members and clients, and that everyone is different. This makes managing each project a fresh challenge.

What would you change about the last 10 years, if anything?

"There's not much I'd really change, although it would be nice to go back to some of the early projects I worked on and try and push the platform and the designs further, but at least I do get the chance to redesign them now!

I also wish I could keep everyone together. I've worked with so many great people over the years and had some great times."

Here's to 10 more years with you, Andy!

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