13 Years Of Andy - Thank You!

Posted on 30th April 2024

Author - David Swan, Chief Operating Officer - Toolkit Websites.

Our Senior Project Manager Andy Sudlow is leaving Toolkit Websites after over 13 years of service.

Andy has spent over a decade designing, building & publishing websites for all our small business clients, working with dog walkers, solicitors, plumbers, car garages, personal trainers and well, if you name a business, it’s likely Andy has done a website for someone in that industry!


Looking at his numbers it’s incredible, over that time Andy has come in to work 3,251 times, published 1,385 websites, received 1,204 (87% average!) 5 star testimonials & worked daily with the team & management on building & improving the systems we use today.

Andy has set the standards, written the protocols and delivered the results that have allowed Toolkit Websites to grow and thrive over the years.

Andy’s work is best demonstrated in our Portfolio, with a number of his websites proudly displayed in our ‘Top Sites’ portfolio HERE .

Andy, or Fred as his granddaughter likes to call him, has been the at the heart of our company since 2001, and we’re incredibly proud to have had the chance to work with him for such a long time.

From building websites in a day, to handling our largest clients and the more complex projects, Andy has delivered for the business time and time again and we couldn’t be more grateful.

He now hands the baton to Emily, our new Project Manager & Designer, who is going to be leading our Projects moving forwards. She couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

Andy, from all of us at the business, especially Marcus & I who have worked with you these past 13 years, good luck in your new role and thank you so much for all your hard work, quality designs and unrelenting commitment to your clients and our business.

You will be very much missed by all of us here at Toolkit.

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