Coronavirus & Your Website

Posted on 27th March 2020


A website has never been more important for a business or it's customers.

Websites provide up to date information and goings on for businesses so we're helping many of ours put out the right message during this unprecedented time.

Whether closing your doors for the coming weeks, running reduce hours or adapting your services to fit in with the new government guidelines, a website must reflect the situation.

COVID-19 is affecting every person and business differently, but whether you're looking for info on your local supermarket or need emergency boiler repairs, Google is the place many will turn to.

We've outlined the best approach for your online presence during this time, which will ensure the minimum amount of impact on your company website.

Tell your customers what's going on

Display a banner on your homepage with your business' status to make sure your customers' expectations are set:

 - Should they expect longer response times?
 - Delivery days/times changed?
 - Have you adapted your service in any way?
 - Can they still contact you?

Use your website to tell your customers and the world how you're getting through Covid-19 and what they can do to support your business.

Limit your site's functionality

If your customers can normally make bookings through your website or submit orders, remove these features.

You don't want people to submit orders or place bookings whilst you're not actually trading, so remove their ability to.

Not Trading - Stay in Google

Websites take months, sometimes years to find their place in Google, so we strongly advise against taking them offline as this will result in Google removing you.

Websites are currently being used all over the world to inform customers about a businesses status during this time, but by keeping a site online, it protects its place in Google for when trading starts again.

Your Website With Us

For information on what we're doing to help our clients during this difficult time or for help updating your website, please contact our Support Team on 02380 633 644 or

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