Website of the Month: Claire's Comfy Canines

Posted on 3rd October 2022

Claire's Comfy Canines homepage screenshot

This month's website of the month goes to Claire's Comfy Canines.  Offering award winning doggy day day care in Buckinghamshire.


Colour Scheme


We really wanted to make the most of Claire's Comfy Canines bright pink colour scheme, creating a friendly and welcoming feel but without overusing it!

Claire's Comfy Canines website colours screenshot




As well as the pink colour scheme the website includes the client's paw print branding as a background used througout the site, a slideshow to showcase all of the awards Claire's Comfy Canines have won, and a custom map to highlight their location.



The stars of the website are definitely the residents at Claire's Comfy Canines, with the client providing lots of images of their happy dogs!

Claire's Comfy Canines website icons screenshot

Responsive Nature

The website passes Google's Mobile Friendly test so that people using any device can easily access the website.

Claire's Comfy Canines Google mobile friendly test


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