SEO and Google Services

Posted on 12th June 2016

For many people getting a new website is just the start of their online journey. Once live, the opportunity to maximise the effectiveness of your website begins... Optimising your website for search engines, such as Google and Bing, helps to gain more exposure to a wider market. In return this usually means more business!


Combining our in-house services with some of your free time to work on website SEO can bring excellent results and a higher position on the search engines. Our Support team will teach you all you need to know about optimising your website using the Toolkit . We also have a range of SEO-related services to suit your budget, designed to give you a better insight into your website's performance and give you a greater reach to potential customers.


Here are some of our most popular services:


Google Analytics

We’ll set up this industry standard web statistics programme so you can find out how many people visit your website, how many buy from you and so you can measure your ROI.

Google Webmaster Tools

When we set up this suite of tools, you’ll be able to see which Google queries drive traffic to your site, diagnose problems and see how Google indexes your site.

Google My Business

You can get quick wins when you’re listed on Google My Business , including great search engine rankings for local search terms, plus listings in Google Maps.

Social Media Set Ups

If you’re serious about getting to that all important first page in Google then you will need to delve into Social Media and start posting, sharing, liking and keeping your clients up to date with your general goings on.

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