FREE tips for making your website a success

Posted on 26th January 2017

This handy list shows you a number of items that you can do for FREE to help boost your websites success. From helping you with SEO, to getting the word about your company out there, you should definitely try and take each item on board.

Social Media

Social signals will help boost your SEO strategy because it encompasses everything that Google wants. Fresh and good quality content, frequent updates and the fact that you are interacting with your target audience means that it shows Google you are a genuine and real company.

If you haven't already, get set up on the main social media accounts available. Make sure first that these relate to you as a business. For example, you don't need an Instagram unless you have images of projects, products or other to showcase on a regular basis. Facebook is one of the most common social media platforms to have and nowadays you can even sell through Facebook, use it's advertisement module and market your business successfully.

For a guide on which accounts will be best suited to you, see one of our previous posts here.


Google My Business

Google My Business is the place where you can manage your online presence with Google. Using the Google My Business dashboard, you're able to manage all of the details Google has about your business. You can also set up your location, google plus and youtube channel, analytics data and more all under one roof. You'll be able to use Google's webmaster tools and have access to all the statistics you need in order to make your website a success.

Google My Business is basically an amalgamation of Google Maps, Youtube, Analytics and what was known as Google Places. You can view our guide on how to get started here.

Google Analytics

Mentioned in the section above, Google Analytics is the perfect tool for tracking how well your website is doing. It will tell you information such as: How many visitors there have been to your website, where in the world they are looking at it from, what keywords they typed in to find you and more. It's really useful information and it's free. You should take full advantage and set this up right away! Here is the guide!

*Please note. If you decide to use Google Analytics, you will need to inform visitors to your website that you use cookies. If you are a customer of ours, simply ask us to enable the cookie bar on your website for you.

Using The Toolkit - Your content management system

As a customer of Toolkit Websites, you have access to our first class content management system The Toolkit. You are able to access The Toolkitto update and edit your website. The more you update and refresh your content, the more Google needs to reindex your website. We provide free training sessions on how to use The Toolkitand if you ever get stuck we're on the end of the phone to help you every step of the way.


Speak to your account manager

At Toolkit Websites, once your website is live you have an account manager assigned to your account. This person is your go to person if you have any issues or need any help with regards to your website account with us. You can have an appointment with your account manager to discuss your website and what you could be doing to better your search result ranking. We can give you helpful tips and tricks that are FREE to implement and guide you in the right direction.

*There are paid for services available if you would prefer us to set up certain accounts and carry out certain work for you.

Redesign your website

Every so often you should take a look at redesigning your website and reorganising your pages and content. Although redesigning your website doesn't come free of charge, taking a look at your content strategy and refreshing your copy is. All you need to do is take a look at your websites aim and purpose every so often which is healthy for your business and for your SEO.

We have redesign services available. Simply get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. 02380 633 644.

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