Social media setup

Social media can quickly result in major benefits for your business, including a larger audience and increased brand awareness.

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Increase traffic, strengthen your brand

Social media can help promote your services to create a stronger, more recognisable brand. Using social media on a regular basis will improve your marketing and can create a steady increase in sales. We offer a range of social media setups, including branding to match your website design , to help boost your business.

We also offer discounts for multiple setups. and when complete we'll add the relevant links to your website to ensure you generate the most interest in your business.

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Blog setup

We'll setup a responsive blog housed within your website design, which can be used for multiple purposes, such as news or events. If you blog regularly, it’ll turbocharge your SEO campaign as well as win you a dedicated new audience.

You can take advantage of our professional blog feature by purchasing the upgrade, then accessing it via The Toolkit CMS. You'll be able to quickly and easily add blog posts about anything, containing images, videos, links and as much text as you like! Our blog includes social media feeds in the sidebar and all posts are archived to make them easily accessible.

Blog service
Facebook Marketing

Facebook page

We'll setup and brand your Facebook page so it fits in perfectly with your company image. Facebook is one of the best places on the internet to create a buzz about your business. As people become fans of your page, their Facebook friends will learn about it in their news feeds. And as the biggest social network on the planet, it’s certain that your customers are already there – along with many other people who would love to know more about your business.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter page

We'll setup and brand your Twitter page so it fits in perfectly with your company image. With over 100 million users, it’s almost certain many of your clients and competitors are already using this social network – so join the Twitter conversation today and win loyal new customers.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn page

We'll setup and brand your LinkedIn page so it fits in perfectly with your company image. LinkedIn is social networking for business users. With over 60 million users from hundreds of different industries, it’s the web’s leading site for building business relationships and uncovering new opportunities.

If you’re not already on LinkedIn, you need to be – so ask us to set up a user profile or a company group today.

Youtube Marketing

YouTube channel

We'll setup and brand your YouTube channel so it fits in perfectly with your company image. YouTube is the third most popular website in the world – more popular even than Yahoo!

We’ll get you started with YouTube online video by customising your YouTube channel page and collating all your videos in one place. We'll then design a channel that complements or matches your main website style and showcase your chosen video.

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Google My Business

We'll setup your business listing on Google, giving you more exposure to people searching for similar local businesses.

Formally known as Google Places, Google My Business will put your Business on the map and help people find you. Other than increasing visibility of your business, Google My Business will ensure your company information is up to date, allows you to obtain customer reviews and provides insights into how people found your business. For local searches, your business may even appear right at the top of search results, pinned to a Google map.