Google Sites - Migrate Before They Are Deleted!

Google Business websites are going offline in March 2024.

We're offering all existing Google site owners the chance to migrate their websites away and over to our platform before everything is deleted, free of charge!

Google's Announcement Our Blog
What's Included Free From £395
Website Migration checked checked
Custom Domain checked checked
Email Service checked checked
£25 Monthly Hosting checked checked
Bespoke Design unchecked checked

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Free Migration - How It Works

We migrate the current website over to our platform for free, getting the migration completed within 3-5 days, then once it is hosted on our platform, there would be a monthly subscription & hosting fee of just £25+vat.


Bespoke Design - From £395 Option

We migrate the existing site over within 3-5 days, and then get to work on a new website design to modernise the look & feel, just like all the other sites in our portfolio

We would quote an up front cost based on the number of pages you'd want & if there are any extra design requirements such as business card design, logo design etc.

Both options come with a custom domain for your business & an email service set up for more professional client communications.

We'd love to work with as many Google Website owners as we can, so do call our friendly Chichester team if you have any questions.