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Stay in touch with your customers, employees and/or prospects with Toolkit Broadcast.

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Stay in touch with your customers

There are no add-ons and no hidden fees. Email marketing can make a huge difference to your business!

When you sign up for our email marketing service, you'll receive our full suite of features, with business-class email marketing from as little as 0.8p per email.

Whether you are switching from another email system or starting email marketing for the first time, Toolkit Broadcast provides everything you need to market your business perfectly, via email.

Passionate service guaranteed

Features and benefits

Cost effective:

Email marketing helps you stay in touch with clients for a fraction of the cost of postal or telephone communication.

Build customer loyalty:

Regular contact helps build loyalty to your business.

Eye catching design:

Reinforce your branding with great-looking HTML emails that are designed for your company.

Targeted offers:

Send targeted offers to selected parts of your client base.

Email marketing services

Email Campaign Tracking:

Easily measure the ROI of your email campaigns with Broadcast. Track messages sent, bounce backs, open rates, click-throughs and more.

List Manager:

Choose the best subscriber bundle for your needs. Then, create as many email lists as you need, and send to each list as often as you'd like.

Compliance Assured:

Your emails are protected via numerous checkpoints to ensure that all distributions are compliant and that your emails are delivered to the intended mailboxes.

Reliable Delivery:

You can increase your deliverability rates by using the latest in authentication technology, such as SPF, SenderID, and DomainKeys.

Email marketing pricing

Emails per month Cost per month (Ex VAT) Cost per email (Ex VAT)
500 £5 1p
1000 £10 1p
2000 £20 1p
3000 £27 0.9p
5000 £45 0.9p
7000 £63 0.9p
10000 £80 0.8p

Email marketing setup costs

With our Broadcast setup, you will get a dedicated member of the team working with you to create your branded mailer template.

This template will be available to use for future mailings using our Broadcast system.

A full Toolkit Broadcast setup costs just £195+VAT.

This includes creating your Broadcast Account, creating a HTML email template and adding a contact list.