Trading Standards
Buy With Confidence

Toolkit Websites has been approved by the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence scheme since 2009.  We are proud to adhere to their strict standards requiring business integrity.

The Buy With Confidence scheme was set up by Hampshire Trading Standards to recognise companies that have given their commitment to trading fairly.  Membership of the scheme is not given lightly - businesses are required to be audited by Trading Standards, they will also have their complaints history reviewed and will receive a visit from Trading Standards.

In addition Trading Standards contact previous customers of the company to ensure good references from work that has been completed.  Applicants must also agree to abide by the scheme's code of conduct, which requires them to follow the letter and spirit of the law.

In 2010 Marcus Green, the Managing Director of Toolkit Websites, was invited to a prestigious award ceremony at the Southampton Civic Centre.  Marcus was awarded the Buy With Confidence certificate by the Mayor of Southampton, Councillor Carol Cunio.
Which Web Design Company

Which Web Design Company: An independent website for client reviews. Browse company profiles, read reviews and make an informed choice about who to work with. All companies are listed in search results by their WWDC Rank score so you can rely on the companies that are at the top of the search results.
Which Web Design Company Toolkit Websites
Independent Reviews

One of the most reputable sources for independent company reviews.  Proof of purchase must be provided to leave feedback, providing an excellent source for trustworthy feedback.  Toolkit Websites has an impressive 5-Star rating and an overall Excellent score.
Web Code of Practice

Toolkit Websites is also proud to be a SafeBuy Member.  SafeBuy protects the consumer and is the UK's leading consumer assurance scheme.  They ensure web retailers adhere to a strict code of practice including the terms of the Sale of Goods Act, the EU Distance Selling Regulations and the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications.

Safebuy also ensure that companies conform to to the Data Protection Act 1998 and that they adhere to strict standards for the security of all credit card transactions.  By being part of SafeBuy, Toolkit Websites is proud to ensure that customers are given the best service possible when buying a new website.
Approved Index
5-Star Awarded Company

Toolkit Websites are proud to be one of only a handful of 5-Star rated suppliers by Approved Index, who are the UK's leading company for connecting small businesses with Web Design suppliers and many other services.

We have been a leading supplier at Approved Index since 2008 and are one of their largest partners.
Listed School Supplier

Toolkit Websites is a registered supplier for edFirst, one of the UK’s leading procurement portals for schools which provides a comprehensive online directory of school-friendly businesses.  The directory is designed to meet the needs of internet-savvy school buyers who demand a fast and efficient way to source products and services.