The Toolkit Content Management System (CMS)

The Toolkit has been specifically developed for small businesses over the course of 12 years.  Our heavy investment and constant strive to improve has lead to The Toolkit becoming one of the best CMS's in the market for small business owners who want quality AND peace of mind.
What is a CMS?

Unlike open-source systems, The Toolkit is fast and easy to use, offers maximum security and gives you all the tools you need to have a great looking website that you have complete control over.
              The Toolkit CMS from Toolkit Websites, Southampton
Easy to use
Excellent for SEO
Teach yourself in minutes
Unlimited UK support & training
Add text, images, videos and links in seconds
Produces compliant, browser-friendly content
Web-based with nothing to install
Dedicated support site with over 300 videos

Great for Search Engines!
Search EnginesMany of our clients have used the Toolkit to achieve fantastic results on Bing, Yahoo and Google.

You have full control of all areas of your content so you can optimise the website for the best possible ranking in the major search engines.

Fast & Easy To Use!
Easy to use websites for tablets and mobilesThe Toolkit can be accessed from any computer or tablet with an internet connection, any time of day.

Its simple to use, built with users in mind who only have a basic knowledge of computers.


Hacker Protection!
Hacker protected websites from Toolkit Websites, Southampton
The Toolkit CMS is code protected from hackers giving you complete piece of mind knowing that your website is safe, secure and online 24/7.

Other platforms such as Wordpress are notoriously easy to hack and are vulnerable to attacks which can bring your website down.

Lifetime Passionate Support!

Passionate Service Guaranteed by Toolkit Websites, SouthamptonWe offer something unique in the website design industry. The Passionate service Promise™.

Our biggest team of experts are our UK based Customer Service team. They are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding anything to do with your website.


The Toolkit, optimised for the Major Search Engines and Social Media Platforms

    Social Media icons

    With our new social media bar, sharing your website is now easier than ever. With access to social media icons you can link to your blog anywhere on your site.

    Social Media Services

    Toolkit Websites, Southampton

    “The Toolkit is the best CMS for Search Engine Optimisation. I've used WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS systems. But The Toolkit kicks them all into touch. Simply put The Toolkit gets results!"
    Tim Tavender, Mercury Online
    Why Choose Us

    Social Media Services from Toolkit Websites, Southampton

    With the Toolkit you can achieve high page rankings including page 1 of Google. You have control of all areas of your content so you can add your keywords where you need them.

    Google Services

    Mindcell - sales training company in Southampton

    "Toolkit Websites are passionate about your success and they deliver. This has helped my businesses financial figures rise by over 400% in the last 2 years."

    Stephen Tierney,
    Founder, Sales Training Hampshire

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