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Fantastic service - friendly, knowledgeable, professional. Limitless changes, limitless patience, and absolutely delighted with the results!
Margaret Topping
AUPHF Association
20 October 2017

Very accessible and easy to work with
Lesley Banks
Tintinhull Village Hall
13 October 2017

Its a simple process & it worked at our own pace
Katie Bunting
12 October 2017

Really easy to work on and get the build done over time!
Eddie Webb
Opendoors UK Ltd
06 October 2017

Easy to use, staff friendly and helpful
Ben Baker
29 September 2017

Charming account management, willingness to show me 3 versions/directions so that i could rule out some options and proceed with confidence
Nicola Joyce
29 September 2017

The friendliness of the team and the regular communication and updates
Victoria Webb
Maison Soleil
25 September 2017

For a long time I wanted a Website for my small business. But I was worried about being ripped off because I don't have any idea about designing my own website, I am very dyslexic. I tried to build my own website on line but due to my dyslexia I found this very hard. A friend suggested that I give The Toolkit a phone. So I did and haven't looked back. They are very clear through the hole designing process from the start to finish. I didn't feel rushed in anyway. There was no hidden charges that they spring on me at the end. I feel reassured that they are there to help if I want to change anything or get into difficulties with my website in the future.
Toby Peters
Marmalade Panic Films
22 September 2017

Very happy
Joe Lee
L & B Contractors
22 September 2017

I found Toolkit very customer focused and given excellent services. Particularly impressed with technical support team. They are very responding so quickly and efficiently for any inquiry i had.
Akin Koc
Diamond Sky Holidays
21 September 2017

Time allocated to customer was good, and not compromised in any way
Kenneth Finnerty
Taxi 24/7 Ltd
21 September 2017

Polite, quick and positive service.
Andrew Walsh
Andrew Walsh Ltd
14 September 2017

Very helpful and patient throughout the whole design process
Jim Connolly
Macon Resources Ltd
12 September 2017

Good personal service and back-up
Chris Griffiths
Yacht Guard
12 September 2017

Always available
Martin Smyth
Martin Smyth
07 September 2017

I liked how quick you were at getting the design of the website setup and added content straight away to the look we wanted.
Sean Steward
The Machine Install Company Ltd
07 September 2017

The quality of the work, the friendly staff and the great customer service
Lucie Mullarkey
Shiva Beauty Ltd
06 September 2017

Regular contact and scheduled calls worked really well. Response to emails were also quick which ensured the project ran smoothly. changes were made quickly if requested too and I'm really pleased with the quality of the final website.
Andrea Roberts
Brickwork Maths
06 September 2017

Good communication and responses.
Rob Mead
Rob Mead
01 September 2017

There is a support team
Andrew Ryder
01 September 2017

Help is at hand during the setup of the web site.
Kim Shelley
Shelleys Driving School
31 August 2017

I love the look, colours, style and your service.
Barry Cameron
Change Hypnotherapy
30 August 2017

The people, specifically their patience while I dragged my feet through the whole process (!) and their ability to break everything down and make it understandable to a technophobe like me.
Dave Scott
25 August 2017

Easy to navigate, great designs, self management very important. Toolkit have been very patient, helping us to build the ideal website for us. Very efficient at implementing changes and the advice given has been excellent.
Jackie Buskell
Proud Interiors Ltd
25 August 2017

The staff are friendly and respond to queries quickly. Quite like the fact that you could amend the website multiple times before publishing and hopefully after too..
Agnieszka Bala
25 August 2017

Creative, attentive Customer Service and friendly team
Louise Bryant-Green
Quest For Change
24 August 2017

Good response all the time, prompt services
Louis Kennedy
Louis Kennedy Solicitors
23 August 2017

It is great how quick emails are answered. Very well done, Toolkit ;)
Marc Wilschut
Entecon International BV
22 August 2017

You are professional, approachable, contactable, patient! responsive and very good at what you do.
John Tovey
Turbine Surface Technologies LTD
21 August 2017

So happy to have piece of mind that a professional is creating my website and lots of communication between us both.
Mark Parkinson
Unique Fitness
21 August 2017

Very professional & excellent communication
Andrew Ryder
Climatemp Ltd
18 August 2017

The project managers are very good. Efficiency of service is excellent.
Antonia Webster
Kingdom Fitness Groups
18 August 2017

Easy to understand. Well done Andy!
Simon Taylor-Brown
Chauffeured Solutions
17 August 2017

Fast service and great finish. Staff have been very friendly and helpful, I would recommend.
Andrea Timberlake
Optimum Insurance Services Ltd
17 August 2017

Personal service
Anthony Dedicoat
One of a Kind Designs
17 August 2017
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