Client Reviews

easy to use
Ben Baker
Thetford Tyre And Exhaust
30 June 2021

How quick you respond to our questions and requests to make changes, even if they are our own errors. We were guided well through the earlier process. Appreciate how flexible you have been with working to our pace which has been slow then everything all at once. Particularly patient with us when we change our mind and want to try things differently. It has felt that we have had a large amount of influence over the styling and development of the content so it fits well with our service and client group
Claire Steen
Isle Of Wight Family Centres
29 June 2021

staff polite and helpful, profession organisation, good at overcoming problems i had, Andy was great to work with
David Scollick
Motives Lighting
28 June 2021

you have someone you can call if you need help or email and Andy has been patient and a great help
Michelle Stevens
Choice Support & Care Services
13 May 2021

Very thorough and great communication
Scott Coull
Energy Sector Medical Services
11 May 2021

Looks very professional and easy to use
Fiona Campbell
Ralph Logistics - Wiltshire
19 April 2021

Nothing has been too much trouble. Andy has been great and helped with everything I have needed.
Suzanne Winham
Apex Networks Ltd
12 April 2021

easy to use and fully supported
Marcus Kerridge-Mccoll
Crescent Community Care Services LTD
12 April 2021

Great service
Adrian Mugochi
Conservatory Roof Solutions
09 April 2021

It's rare that I have worked with such a professional company. Your response times and support have been outstanding with clear and definitive guidance and very friendly staff ! We are delighted with the finished website. Thank you Andy and the Toolkit team.
Tanya Austin-Baird
Senwick House
24 March 2021

How easy it is to get in touch with someone that can help you with any problems.
Jack Swan
Abbey Interiors Limited
22 March 2021

Very responsive
Jon Sumpter
Aspire Learning and Development
22 March 2021

Very logical, methodical protocols. Easy to understand for non-technical people.
Melville Haggard
The Knightsbridge Association
15 March 2021

- The continued support offered - The certainty to have someone that can assist me not only through email but also on the phone (the reviews on the phone felt particularly helpful). - The genuine and empathetic manner of speaking with me - The CMS and the possibility to make changes after the site has been published - The support offered after the website has been published - The care of the people that actually want to make a customer satisfied.- How thorough the explanation of my queries was dealt with and the follow up- - The time on the phone to talk about the weekly updates, review and changes of the website-- Throughout-all the process Andy demonstrated a genuine and an empathetic way of listening to my needs. Each query has been taken on board seriously, with interest and followed up with a clear answer. The turnaround-of the changes, updates (after my feedback) was always dealt in a very-efficient time frame. Each email was answered-with an excellent timing. I felt that Andy was working in alliance-and partnership with me. I appreciate-the time that he has given me to review the-updates;-this revealed-vital in allowing me to make important decisions about the project.- I have spoken a few times with Will that assisted me with a few queries. I found him very-easy to talk to with a genuine-enthusiasm to help me. Each time he-gave me the information that I was looking for. In particular I appreciate-his efforts and the thoroughness in resolving an important issue with the email address. The actions taken were always followed up with clear and efficient updates.- Every information that Andy and Will gave me was followed up with an email confirming-the actions taken. I found their way of communicating very efficient, clear and informative. Overall, I felt that the-team didn't just want to "sell" their services; I felt that the team actually cared about their clients. PS: A few times I felt that both Dave and Andy were actually open to negotiate things with me. This openness to a negotiation in business has revealed very important to me.
Francesco Lodi
Francesco Lodi
04 February 2021

Experts in website design and very knowledgeable.
Ferhan Rasul
Trends Development
28 January 2021

Lyndsey Ferguson
Inspire Beauty & Fitness
22 January 2021

This is my second website with Toolkit. My return to Toolkit is a testimonial on how great my experience has been and the support I have consistently received from all those involved. Thank you!
Gilly Rutherford
The Coaching House
14 January 2021

The team is the most friendly, patient and professional that I have come across in this field. They are all unfailingly friendly and helpful. I am very impressed. The unlimited design changes is fantastic and so helpful for people that need to actually see concepts before they can decide whether or not to keep them. The quality of the design work is fantastic. Andy is amazing. The team did a great job!
Gloria Fagbemiro
Gloria Fagbemiro
13 January 2021

Great service
Jim Connolly
AMCON Recruitment
13 January 2021

You do a good job
David Macharia
Supporters Ltd
12 January 2021

It is very clean, professionally built and looks fab.
Keisha Roberts
Universal Parking Enforcement Ltd
06 January 2021

Very good to talk to and very responsive to all our requirement
Paul Triggs
Inspired Conservatories Direct Limited
18 December 2020

Nothing further to last time!
Zaid Randeree
DCD Properties Limited
03 December 2020

Easy to use and flexible
Anne Treadwell
16 October 2020

Specialised team for each task which was a big draw vs past experiences with one man bands; great systems for booking in appointments, following up, communicating changes. Andy was fantastic overall. Was a simple one pager but completed with ease.
Zaid Randeree
DCD London & Mutual
09 October 2020

Thorough, simple, communicative and you produce rather dashing websites!
Russ Hall
Guru Group Ltd
02 October 2020

Toolkit kept me updated every step of t way
Ferhan Rasul
Bio Energy International
29 September 2020

Toolkit kept me updated every step of t way
Ferhan Rasul
Bio Energy International
29 September 2020

Its such an easy process to follow. I really loved the images that were chosen.
Laila Bhunnoo
Hot Yoga Wimbledon
28 September 2020