Here at Toolkit Websites, we know that a website is just one part of marketing a business. Finding the right Marketing Organisation, Copywriters, Graphic Design Agency or other required professionals can be tough, just like when you first started looking for a Web Design Company.

Luckily for our clients we have worked in this industry for over 15 years and met some fantastic businesses along the way. As such we have put together a list of our partners who we are happy to recommend our customers to.

Take a look below for businesses you may be interested in working with, and please feel free to mention you found their information from Toolkit Websites!

If you are looking for any services that are not mentioned below do get in touch with us as we may still be able to help or advise.


Our Partners

      Reasons they are great

Website Copywriting
(excellent for Search Engine Optimisation
Nigel Graber
Adhoc Copywriting:

Ad Doc Copy Writing and Mightier Than are fantastic companies that will take the time to understand who you are, what your business is about and look to build a wealth of content for your website.

They will target the key products and services you provide and ensure they are at the forefront of your websites layout and information.

Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click advertising
Mercury Online Marketing

The world of Pay Per Click campaigns can be both scary and expensive, if you don't know what you're doing. This is where Mercury & Periscopix come in, they will help you target the right keywords and work to your budget

Avoid shelling out hundreds of pounds on the wrong keywords and services. Speak to Mercury or Periscopix today by visiting their websites.

Graphic Design
Eight Design

Eight Design can meet all of your graphical design needs and not only do we recommend them, but we are a regular customer ourselves, they're that good.

Whether it's business cards, brochure design or image editing, Eight Design can help you at a competitive price.

Video Production
Shoot You
Big Paw Animation

Videos are one of the best ways to promote a service, company or recent event. However if you want something a little more professional than just a home made video uploaded to You Tube then contact either Big Paw Animation or Shoot You.

They will be able to bring your animation to life and produce a video suitable for any professional business.

Sales Training in Hampshire

No one should ever stop training to be better, and that is very much how Mindcell work. They have a fantastic team of Sales Trainers who can work with any large or small organisation and look to maximise the revenue sales teams or individual members can generate.

We have worked closely with Mindcell for some years now and we're more than happy to recommend them as we've had first hand experience with their techniques and training sessions. They're great.

Visual Soft

Selling on the web is now more popular than ever. Small businesses can compete with the largest corporations by putting services online and having a front to back E Commerce system powered within their own website.

Visual Soft have worked along side ourselves for years and are the experts when it comes to building an E Commerce solution for clients and businesses of all sizes.

Online Surveys
Survey Monkey

Looking for the right people to fill out your survey? Meet SurveyMonkey Audience, home to millions of qualified respondents ready to take your surveys and give you the feedback you need to make better decisions.

User Login Areas
Keep and Share

Filecamp is the professional web-based platform for your business to share and collaborate on files with clients & partners.

File Camp offer a free trial so give their service a try, you've got nothing to lose!

LiveChat Services
Live Chat Inc
My Live Chat

Having a point of contact available on your website whenever your office is open/your business is trading means that if any of your customers need to ask a quick question they can catch you via your Live Chat.

Both Live Chat Inc and My Live Chat offer a fantastic live chat service which allows you to be online for your customers on every page on your website.

Therapist Booking Services
Booking Bug
Free To Book
Appointment Plus
Set More
Plan Yo

Booking systems are normally generic services which are designed to suit many different types of business across industries.

However, the booking services mentioned above are perfect for Therapists looking to allow clients to interact with their diaries via the web.

Recruitment Software
Recruit So Simple

Competing with the larger Recruitment sites like Reed, Job Site, In-Deed etc can be difficult at the best of times.

Recruit So Simple offer a fantastic service that gives your website the functionality to list jobs, collect CVs and update effortlessly. Contact them today if you want to see how they can help your online services.

Estate Agency Software
Thesaurus Technology

Thesaurus Technology offer a fantastic software solution to Estate Agencies looking for help with their back office/CRM requirements.

Picking the right CRM will streamline your day to day processes thus improving the performance of your business.

Booking & Availability Calendars
Booking Calendar
You Can Book
Simply Book
Salon Lite
Book When
Guest Link

Whether its clients wanting to see your diary, directly booking a slot in for you or picking and choosing dates in the future where you or your colleagues are available, having an interactive booking service on your website can work wonders for your bottom line.

We recommend all of the services above as each slightly differs from one another. Find the one best suited for you be viewing their websites.

Website Form Builders

Web forms are brilliant at engaging with customers on your website and collecting their personal data so you can contact them for future sales and communication opportunities.

Both Formstack and Wufoo offer form building services that allow you to create bespoke forms tailored to your exact needs.

Company Intranets
Orchid Soft
Interact Intranet

Intranet is the generic term for a collection of private computer networks within an organization.

In simple terms, it allows your staff to communication through one system securely and effortlessly. Intranets are great for the day to day running of a company's administration as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Online Magazine Tools

With over 15 million publications, Issuu is the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world.

Millions of avid readers use Issuu every day to read the free publications created by enthusiastic publishers from all over the globe with topics in fashion, lifestyle, art, sports and global affairs to mention a few.

Add your publication to their system today to get your information out there.

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