Your Website in 2018

Posted on 30th July 2018

There have been many changes to the Law, Google Rankings and Web Browsers this year that each affect your website.

We're recommending making sure your site meets the 4 standards below as to comply with this years changes:

1. Have a Mobile Friendly Website

2. Use SSL Encryption on your site

3. Clearly display your Privacy Policy

4. Request consent before marketing to customers


Mobile Responsive

Google have now rolled out their Mobile First index which means they'll review your Mobile Site content first. If your website isn't Responsive or doesn't display well on Mobiles & Tablets you will see a drop in your Google rankings.

You can test to see if your site is mobile responsive by using Google's Mobile Friendly test.


SSL security isn't just for GDPR compliance, it's now something Google and browsers expect. This July, Google Chrome have started warning users if they visit 'NOT SECURE' (non SSL) websites.

SSL is also now a ranking factor so if you've encrypted your site with us recently you should see a boost in your Google Search Results postions.

Not sure if you're using SSL already? Just visit your website and look for https:// at the beginning of the web address.

Privacy Policy

Based on our interpretaion of GDPR, we believe you need a Privacy Policy on your website to comply with this years change in the Law.

Everyone who uses your site has a right to know what data you're collecting about them and how you use it, so you need to write a Privacy Policy and upload it to your website.

Contact our Support Team if this is something you need help with.

Consent to Contact

For GDPR, you should be giving your customers the option to opt in to receive marketing materials. You shouldn't assume that you have consent to store their data and use it in the future and you can no longer hide your data polocies in your terms or Privacy Policy.

What are the must dos here?

Let our Support Team know if you'd like a new tick box added to your contact form.

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