Black Friday 2017. The Best Deals

Posted on 5th October 2017


5 website upgrades to look out for on Black Friday!

Whether you're looking to start a new project, refresh your current website, help improve your Search Engine Optimisation or have a burning desire to get into blogging..... check out our 5 most popular services which will be available at heavy discounts this Black Friday


Website Redesign

Is your website modern? Has it been updated in the last 2 years? Does it work perfectly on mobiles and tablets?

If the answer to any of those is no, you should take advantage of the huge Nov 24th Black Friday discounts available on Website Redesigns.

A Website Redesign allows you to completely overhaul your existing website to make it modern, Mobile Responsive and fresh, whilst retaining your existing branding.

Redesigns guarantee that you get a great looking website that works fantastically across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Check out our latest designs via our portfolio or read about the specific benefits of a redesign here.

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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is something most will know from the padlock icon showing in a browser when buying goods or services online.

SSL is a technology used for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a browser, protecting any data sent from your website to your business (client information usually).

Google has recently made the decision to reward those who provide SSL connections for their customers regardless of if they sell through their websites.

During Black Friday we will be offering our SSL service at a heavily discounted rate so there will never be a better time to get your website encrypted to protect your customers and appease Google.

Find out more information on our SSL service here.

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Logo Design

A companies logo is the very epicentre of their brand, image and acts as a theme for all off and online marketing.

Because of it's important and prominance, businesses must review their logos for potential changes to ensure the font, style and imagery used is still modern and accurately reflects the business and the industry it works within.

Our Logo Design service allows you to refresh, update or completely start your logo over with unlimited changes included as standard.

Branding is integral to a business, just see how we've helped grow other company brands here.

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Blog Service

Blogging allows businesses to post regular company updates, industry goings on and upcoming events on a dynamic forum.

If you're clever enough, publishing blog posts with specific keywords, services and locations will also allow your company to climb the Google rankings and bring in extra traffic as a consequence.

Our on site blog allows you to create, post and share articles on the web whilst even using third party widgets to encourage staff and customer comments to drive positive engagement.

During Black Friday we will be offering the build, implementation and monthly hosting charges all at huge discounts so get in touch to find out more.

See examples of our blog service right here.

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Responsive Design

The majority of the sites on the web are yet to convert to the new Responsive Web code standards as preferred by Google and all major mobile devices.

Responsive design is where the design and development of a website takes into account the user's screen size and preferred device. The elements of the web page are designed to be fluid and display the optimum way for a users screen size.

See how this works here.

If you're happy with how your website looks on Desktop devices and wish to avoid the extra costs that come with full website redesigns, the Responsive Rebuild service may be perfect for you.

Responsive Rebuilds allow you to retain your current design but have it redeveloped using Responsive code. This then allows clients to navigate your site far more easily and ensures you get the all important 'Mobile Friendly' badge of honor from Google.

Read more about responsive design here.

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