Website of the week: Patrick Oliver

Posted on 21st September 2016

This week's website of the week goes to Patrick Oliver. Patrick Oliver Estate Agency delivers cost effective, quality residential sales, lettings, and holiday rentals in Sussex and Kent.


Senior Project Manager Lanara started by creating a fully responsive website, using full width panels, slide show header and a two tone colour scheme. All of the images are the clients own.


Colour Scheme


The website features a minimalist colour scheme, alternating between two grey lilac colours that are in the same colour scheme just lighter/ darker versions of each other. The branding is strong and striking which means the website is a memorable one.


Form Functionality


The website features a website form for people to fill out for enquiries on the contact page. The contact page is the place people can go to find out the location of the business, the contact details available and a quick enquiry form.


Page Structure


The pages are styled with a consistent theme, and follow the layout of the home page. The panels work well with splitting wording up and images also break up the text blocks so that it doesn't come across too text heavy.

Responsive Nature

The website passes Google's mobile-friendly test with flying colours, meaning that the website is responsive to the device it's being viewed on. This is a must when it comes to people viewing the website on the go! There are a number of things websites must have in order to pass the mobile-friendly test, and the responsive nature to it, is one of them. You can test it out yourself by resizing your browser whilst viewing the website and seeing it collapse to the screen size.



The website uses well chosen imagery that compliments the website design. All of the images are the clients own, which means that the website is a genuine and truthful representation of what they do and provide.


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