Web Content Management System Integration

Toolkit Integration is a service we offer where we can take your existing website, and with making minimal changes to design, integrate our CMS (Content Management System) "The Toolkit".

The Toolkit is a proprietary system created by our in house team of developers that are working constantly to introduce new features and make it quick and easy to use. The Toolkit is the result of over 8 years of constant development. As a Toolkit Websites customer, you will always have access to the latest version as part of your subscription.
The Toolkit gives YOU complete control!
 Features Benefits for You

Update Anywhere Anytime
The Toolkit is available online 24/7 so you can update your website at a time convenient to you.
Full UK Support
Our Support Team is based in our Southampton office, and are here to help you by phone and email as much as you need it.
Easy to Use
Based on familiar word processing software, no extra skills are needed to keep your website updated.

You can use the Toolkit to make updates to your website 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Making real time changes to your site is simple, fast and intuitive, and requires no knowledge of web design or computer coding.

With The Toolkit, you no longer deal with the high costs, delays and inaccuracies that come with relying on a third party to edit your site’s content. Your website is split up into areas that you can edit with the Toolkit and areas that our creative team specifically design to your requirements.

Why do you need a CMS?

These days if you don't have a CMS driven website you are at a disadvantage to your competitors. Having a CMS driven website allows you to add new products and services quickly and publish updates with a single click. With a CMS your website will always be up to date.

If you want to compete on the major search engines, regularly adding new content to your site is critical. One thing that will never change at Google (or any search engine) is hunger for new information.
Make changes quickly, easily and whenever you like

Search engines favour sites that update their content regularly because they want to provide the public with the most current information on a topic. With the Toolkit , you can affordably maintain a dynamic presence for your site, and obtain and sustain high rankings for keywords pertinent to your practice areas.

You can read more about how you can use the Toolkit to achieve great search rankings in our Search Engine Optimisation Guide.

Toolkit Integration Case Study


Dock o the Bay Restaurant

The owner Mo loved his website design and didn't want to change a thing. However he was frustrated at how long it took his current website designer to make changes to his website.

Running a restaurant means his website needs to be up to date with menu changes and special offers. With the delays in getting the website updated it was costing Mo money!

Toolkit Websites came to his rescue and integrated his website design into the Toolkit platform. Now Mo can make the updates he requires whenever he like.

‘The Website still looks fantastic but I now have the control I needed and the Toolkit team did a great job turning it all around in just 2 weeks!’


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