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Are you looking to sell your products or services through your website?

More and more people are taking to the internet for day to day purchasing of items and ongoing services or subscriptions. The rise of smart phones and tablets have made it even easier to make payments online.

Make the most of the eCommerce boom and integrate our easy to use, online payment services with your website.

Starting from just £95 +Vat, The Toolkit offers various levels of eCommerce integration which can be completely managed by the user. There are several options available to you depending on how you want the end payment to be made.

- Product purchased and payment taken over the phone using a PDQ machine.

- Fully Integrated PayPal buttons which link to PayPal products.

- Secure online payment taken through your website, using either PayPoint or Secure Hosting.

Depending on which integration you go for, we can also provide a fully functioning shopping cart and purchase form.

It won't be long until you have covered the cost of the the online payment integration through the sales from your website!

You can see a live client example by clicking the image below.
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More information on these great additions can be seen below or you can call the office on 02380 633644 and one of the team will be happy to help!  
 Features Benefits for You

Shopping Cart Functionality

A fully integrated shopping cart facility can be included in your setup. This makes it easy for users to bundle purchases together.
Pay Pal Integration
Pay Pal integration helps keep costs low. This is an ideal way to introduce your business into eCommerce, with the room for expansion moving forward.
Secure Hosting Integration
Secure Hosting offers a unique charging structure within their industry as transaction fees are based on a pre-pay credits system. The advantage of this is that you only pay for what you need, so you can start small and buy progressively larger blocks of credits as your transaction numbers increase.

Secure Hosting's secure payment screen can also be branded to match your business and website.
Pay Point Integration
Pay Point offers much the same as Secure Hosting however they charge on a monthly subscription basis rather than credits.

Both offer fantastic services and that's why we chose them when offering online payments.

Quick and Efficient
Regardless of which integration you opt for, we can guarantee that the process of making purchases online will be quick and efficient!
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Still unsure on this service or would like to know costs, please call the office on 02380 633644 and one of our team would be happy to help.

Why not get your business selling online today!
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