Search Engine Optimisation
Optimise your website for the search engines, like Google with our Google services pack. This set of optimisation services will not only help you make the most out of your business website, but when you order now you will save £135 immediately!
Here’s what you get in our great value Google services package
for only £195+VAT, representing a saving of £135.00+VAT

With the Google Pack you get:
  • Google Analytics - Worth £95.00+VAT
  • Google Webmaster Tools - Worth £95.00+VAT
  • Google Places Listing - Worth £95.00+VAT
  • Google Alerts - Worth £45.00+VAT
See below for more information on these individual services
 Features Benefits for You

Saves You Time

We set up all 4 Google services at once, giving you more time to work on other parts of your business.
Cost Effective
The Google Pack saves you £135+VAT on the cost of setting up these services individually.
Get Ahead
Having access to these services gives you a major competitive advantage.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics Set Up
We’ll set up this industry standard web statistics programme so you can find out how many people visit your website, how many buy from you and so you can measure your ROI.

Worth £95.00+VAT

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools Set Up

When we set up this suite of tools, you’ll be able to see which Google queries drive traffic to your site, diagnose problems and see how Google indexes your site.

Worth £95.00+VAT

Google Places Listing

You can get quick wins when you’re listed on Google Places, including great search engine rankings for local search terms, plus listings in Google Maps. Our standard setup service is

Worth £95.00+VAT

Google Alerts

Google Alerts Set Up

If you’re serious about reputation management, and you want to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to, then Google Alerts are for you – email notifications based on your chosen search queries. Our standalone setup service is

Worth £45.00+VAT

google web services

By ordering all these Google set up services together, you have a major competitive advantage – you have all the tools you need to increase your customer base, and better service their needs. And you save £135!
Just look at this for great value:

Google Analytics + Google Webmaster Tools + Google Local + Google Alerts
Normal price: £330+VAT • Special Google Pack price £195+VAT YOU SAVE £135+VAT

It’s never been easier to get these powerful tools working for your website. Call us today to get started.