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Toolkit Websites have some really nice guys with good design ideas
Con O'Shea
11 March 2015

They're really cool web designers & so helpful
Kaz Aston
05 March 2015

Fantastic creative design, bold eye-catching images and very responsive too
Helen Rennie
Helen Rennie
03 March 2015

Toolkit really do offer great customer service
Valerie Drain
Chigwells Cherubs
25 February 2015

Toolkit are very organised, they always know what's happening
Nick James
Atamis Ltd
25 February 2015

Toolkit are very quick at responding and create great looking websites!
James Hatfield
Bespoke Oak
23 February 2015

Toolkit offered a good service, very happy.
Enser Yilmaz
Meat Wholeseller UK Ltd
18 February 2015

My experience has been brilliant it was an extremely easy process
Nick Leatham
Calibre Facilities Services Ltd
17 February 2015

Personnel service is great. Andy has been very tolerant throughout.
Janice Gregory
Links Labelling Solutions Ltd
16 February 2015

Toolkit listened to my concerns and we're always available over emails or calls.
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller Consulting
12 February 2015

Toolkit Websites offer Great Service, timely and flexible
Larissa L
Contrast Recruitment Ltd
11 February 2015

Dedicated, knowledgeable, professional. Toolkit are an absolute pleasure to work with
Mark Devall
Advanced Manufacturing Utilisation Ltd
05 February 2015

Extremely easy, provided a professional website for me
Mark Worthington
NMCC Civil Engineers Ltd
04 February 2015

No pressure, ideal for small businesses, immediate response to questions.
Andy Bottle
Fresh Speed Logistics LTD
04 February 2015

Toolkit offer good customer service.
Simon Billington
Parton Yachting
03 February 2015

Toolkit Websites make the process very easy
Peter Nash
Marline Limited
30 January 2015

Making a website with Toolkit is easy, accessible and quick.
Farhad Khatibi
Petroseal Corp.
30 January 2015

Kind, professional, nice behaviour, completely satisfied! Toolkit are Great
Alessandra Calandra
High Quality Ltd
28 January 2015

Toolkit were very helpful all the way through designing my website.
David Lake
Timeless Design and Build Ltd
28 January 2015

Toolkit websites were very structured and orderly!
Sam McCarter
English Language
27 January 2015

Toolkit have great time management, keeping everything on track.
Kamaldeep Singh
CV Writing Services
25 January 2015

Very professional, experienced and have excellent customer service
Randa Zeitouni
Alep Syr Biotech Consultancy Ltd
22 January 2015

Toolkit are very accommodating and very well organised.
Hayley Pritchard
Laparoscopic Specialist
20 January 2015

My project manager was helpful, responding to emails quickly.
Cat Mcdonnell
Biglands Bakery
20 January 2015

There is nothing to be improved on. Great service
Gillian Hall
Lucent Talking
19 January 2015

The people I have dealt with at Toolkit were great, experts!
Kate Dean
Kate Dean Consulting Ltd
16 January 2015

Extremely personable, great customer service, always willing to help
Penny Delve
PDJ Search
16 January 2015

Toolkit Websites are always available to assist you!
Gamal Elwardany
AKD holding
15 January 2015

It is easy to work with and always able to make more design changes.
Joanna Husin
Joanna Husin
13 January 2015

Easy to work with designer and always available
Azim Anjarwalla
Derwick Ltd
13 January 2015

Great relationship between client and staff! Website is perfect !!
Dominic Price
Bishopton Joinery
08 January 2015

Great service, helpful and made the process of making a website very easy!
Jacob Dew
Hampshire Avon Catchment Partnership
05 January 2015

friendly advise and fast response to emails very good customer service
John O'Grady
Centrum Joinery Ltd
05 January 2015

They offered a systematic approach and friendly service
Tobie Waggett
1st For life
31 December 2014

Toolkits personal service and easy access was great
Brian Shafar
Brian Shafer
29 December 2014

Toolkit are great and offer flexibility and patience
Bruce Cochrane
Bruno Commodities Limited
22 December 2014
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