When choosing the right CMS for your business website it's important to consider what the pros and cons of eachThe Toolkit CMSCMS are.

Most Open Source CMS systems are complex to cover every possible functionality (whether needed by you or not) and will require a web programmer to make customisations to tailor it to your small business. Examples of open source CMS systems are Drupal, Joomla & Wordpress.

If you are a small business then a CMS like the Toolkit that is feature rich but designed & tailored for the needs of the small business is ideal.

Most small business owners are told that Open Source is the best and most cost effective solution for any website. However this is nearly always put forward by small, start up web design companies who by using Free, Open Source Software don't have to invest in their own systems.

As the CMS systems are not their own these companies don't usually provide any support, customer service, protection from hackers or daily back ups.
The Toolkit CMS Features and benefits
Easy to use The Toolkit is easy to use for novice & experts alike.
Nothing to install No annoying downloads or updates to be applied.
Instant back-ups All content is securely backed up every minute of every day.
High security Extremely secure as code is not accessible to hackers.
Unlimited training All users benefit from unlimited free training sessions.
Free updates New Toolkit versions are released monthly.
Unlimited support All users benefit from unlimited passionate customer service.
Great results Produces compliant, search engine friendly content.
5 stars for Toolkit Websites, Southampton Contact us
CMS Comparison Chart

Here are the main comparisons between The Toolkit & other CMS platforms based on its usage for Small Businesses:
Toolkit Wordpress Joomla Drupal
The Toolkit CMS Wordpress Joomla Drupal
Release date 1999 2003 2005 2001
About Easy to use, developed specifically for small businesses and the novice user. Offers full one to one support by UK based team. Began as a blogging platform. Mostly used by small web design start ups as there are no development costs for them to incur. A middle ground between Drupal & Wordpress as it's easier to use than Drupal and offers more complex options than Wordpress. A powerful, tool for building complex sites. However like most powerful tools, it requires developer experience to operate.
Operating System Windows server Linux server Linux server Linux server

Customer Support 5 stars for Toolkit Websites, Southampton 4 stars 2.5 stars 1 star
Ease of Use 5 stars for Toolkit Websites, Southampton 2.5 stars 3 stars 1 star
Security 5 stars for Toolkit Websites, Southampton 1 star 3 stars 3.5 stars
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 5 stars for Toolkit Websites, Southampton 4 stars 3 stars 2.5 stars

Security & Reliability
CMS Developed In-House
Protected Against Hacking
Daily Security Audit
Daily Backup
Protection from Virus and Spam Attacks

Support & Training
UK Based Support Team
Free & Unlimited Training
Local Rate Telephone Support
Dedicated Support Site
Email Replies Within The Hour
Easy to use for Computer Novices

Development & Future Proofing
Automatically updated with New Features
New Releases & Features tested in house
CMS Developers employed by Web Company
Source Code Protected from Hackers
Guaranteed Ongoing Development

Overall Rating 5 stars for Toolkit Websites, Southampton 3.5 stars 3 stars 2.5 stars
Best Use Cases Perfect for the small and medium sized business who need a professional website & place ease of use at the top of their requirements. Ideal for everyday blogging, personal or non-commercial sites, hobby sites & news websites. Best deployed as a community platform, due to strong social networking features. Complex Advanced Site that require complex data organisation.
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